I Understand And Agree:

  1. It is my responsibility to backup any and all data of the equipment for service and that the Service Provider will not be held responsible for any loss of data that might occur.
  2. That the Service Provider can only install or transfer software and data to my equipment if I have ownership or the legal right to use this software and data. I agree to inform the Service Provider if any software or data on my equipment does not meet this requirement. If a software installation is required I will provide the Service Provider with all necessary information and items required to install the software.
  3. To pay all invoices resulting from work performed on my equipment where the problem is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, including but not limited to software, liquid damage, impact damage or when a problem cannot be duplicated. The minimum diagnostic fee is $49. This amount will be collected prior to any service. In the event the manufacturer covers the repair cost, the Service Provider may refund the collected amount.
  4. To absolve the Service Provider from any responsibility for marks on my equipment. I understand that after servicing my equipment, it will be cleaned and this may expose previously hidden marks and scratches.
  5. That the Service Provider is relying on the information entered into this Work Order and will perform the work according to the problem description and included information.
  6. To pick up my equipment within 45 days of repair. After 45 days, the Service Provider has my permission to sell or dispose of my equipment. If the disposal does not generate enough revenue to cover the full invoice amount, I am still responsible for the unpaid balance.
  7. That title to all products, whether invoiced or not, remains with the Service Provider until the amount due is paid in full.
  8. That all Work Orders are due on completion of work or delivery of the products purchased or serviced.
  9. That if I specify no diagnostic testing to be performed, then any products sold to me have no warranties and no exchanges.
  10. That my personal information (name, address, telephone number and email address) shall be transferred to Apple for the purpose of submitting to me a survey on my satisfaction for this service. This will be used by Apple for this purpose.